Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 5 ~ Day 3

Yesterday we walked with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece in our local MS Walk.  It rained on us a little bit but atleast it wasn't super cold.  Later in the afternoon we went to our son's Cub Scout end-of-the-Year potluck.  It rained on us there in the beginning but then the skies cleared and the rest of the evening was nice (cool but nice).  Here's a picture that my husband took once the rain ended:

We actually welcome the rain right now because we have a fire burning in the mountains to the west of us that has already burned over 7,000 acres. I think about the firefighters who are risking their lives to get the fire under control. Thank God there's been no loss of life (or homes) and as of this morning they have it 85% contained. Now if the winds would just stay down today that would help them out a lot.

I have to tell you that I'm getting much more comfortable eating out at restaurants.  But potlucks are a little more tricky.  It's harder for me to navigate the side dishes and desserts.  So, let me tell you how I handled my son's Cub Scout potluck yesterday:

The main dish was hot dogs so I took one of those. Then I took a small serving of the ramen salad that we had brought.  I tried a Tbsp of the dessert salad that my friend had made (too hard to figure out the s/c's in My Fitness Pal for that dish and I don't even want to tell you what was in since we're all trying to diet here and I don't want to temp you - but I took literally 1 Tbsp), and then took some celery and brocolli to fill me up.  Sat down and ate my hot dog with 1/2 the bun and the rest of my food.  Drank my bottle of water and was still hungry.  So, I got another hot dog and ate it with the 1/2 of  bun that I had left.  Then we took a walk to get away from the food.  I would call that a success - In the past I would have convinced myself that since we don't go to potlucks very often I'd just enjoy what I want and then "re-start" my good eating habits the next day.  But I didn't do that this time because I REALLY want to see the numbers on the scale move down AND I knew if I let the excess carbs in I would crave them today - that's how MY body works!!!

Also, we stopped at the grocery store yesterday after the MS Walk to get the ingredients for the ramen salad that we were making for the potluck.  Our King Soopers (a Kroger store) has a sushi bar.  They were giving out samples of their Shrimp and Crab Crunch Roll - so I tried 1 piece... it was so good.  So we brought that home for lunch.  One package comes with 9 pieces and  each piece has 1 sugar and 7 carbs in it.  So I knew I would only be able to eat 2-3 pieces for lunch if I planned to have anything else with it (and I knew I would because there was no way 2-3 pieces of sushi were going to fill me up). So, I made a salad and had some jicima cut up in the fridge and only ate 2 pieces of the sushi.  Do you know that in the past, I would have eaten as many pieces as I wanted - until I was full!! I also made sure to eat the sushi with the salad so I wouldn't "cave" and just eat the sushi and then eat more and more....  This way of eating does take a little work since I am still learning but it is sooo worth it!

Here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My morning shake

Snack: 1 piece of Shrimp & Crab Roll (eaten at the store as a sample) - putting it as a snack since I didn't actually eat lunch for over an hour later

Lunch: Green Salad (topped with walnuts, Chili-Cheese Fritos, & Ranch Dressing), jicama, 2 pieces of Shrimp & Crab Roll

Dinner: 2 hots dogs, 1 bun, small serving of ramen salad, 1 Tbsp of Jeni's dessert salad, broccoli, celery

We're off to church and then home to enjoy the day!  Hope everyone has a great BFC day!  Stay strong!!  We can do it :)


  1. That picture looks so beautiful. And you did such a great job at the pot luck. About the first 6 months it felt like a lot of work to me to, but now - its just the way life is.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Those are great successes and will lead to the scale heading down. Having control, knowing what you can have a lot of, and what you need to eat a little of, will be awesome! Congrats to you. Every time you feel like you are going crazy and nothing is possible, read back through your last few blogs!
    The picture is beautiful. What a scene for a dinner party:)
    Enjoy your Sunday with the knowledge that you have the power!!!
    Blessings, K