Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 5 ~ Day 6

Had a good day yesterday. It was hot but we're expecting rain and a 20 drop in the temperature today to cool things off.  My parents arrive this evening and we are so excited to see them. My sister and I will be picking them up at the airport and then we will meet up with the rest of our families at Cracker Barrel.  Before we go, I will check out Cracker Barrel's nutritional information to see what meals have the lowest sugars/carbs.  I'm getting better at figuring this out myself but I still like to check. 

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My morning shake; green tea

Lunch: Salad with gouda cheese, salami, walnuts, ranch dressing, & 1/2 serving of chili cheese Fritos

Snack: Macadamia nuts

Dinner: Hummus, red bellpepper, cucumber, mushrooms, 1/2 Kangaroo brand flatbread

Hope everyone has a great day!  Stay Strong - we can do it!!!


  1. That looks good:) I love the Cracker Barrel, but when I go there, I eat awful. My husband uses 4 of their bottles of syrup with his pancakes! Can you imagine???
    Have a great day!

  2. Have fun with your family and I am sure you will find something Belly good to eat there. :-)

  3. Hi Kim, you seem to be eating really small meals (or maybe I'm eating way too much). Are you ever hungry or is this keeping you satisfied? Are you watching your daily calories too? Just curious - thanks!

    1. Hi Trina :)

      I have been tracking my food in 'My Fitness Pal' so I can see where I am each day with my sugars and carb, but since the calories are automatically listed, I see those as well. Other than that, I don't really watch them. I just went and took a look through the past week, and my calories have been landing anywhere from 1050 - 1400 per day, give or take.

      Actually, I have been really satisfied this time around doing the BFC. Honestly, I don't do well being hungry. That is usually when I give up and stop whatever diet I am on. I have lots of BFC approved snacks around should I need one between meals or to add to a meal if I am still hungry (nuts, almond butter, olives, cheese, veggies, etc...). I have gotten through the sugar detox (again and hopefully for the last time!!) so cravings are occuring less frequently. When I allow too many carbs back in I begin to feel really hungry again but I'm not sure if it's really hunger or just my sugar/carb addiction kicking back in making me think I'm hungry.

      I also drink green tea, Herba Mate tea, or water ALL day which helps fill me up. I also notice that my appetite fluctuates with the 'time of the month'. As it gets closer my appetite seems to pick up.... I will be keeping an eye on that next month.

      Hope this helps - sorry it's so long!! :)

    2. Thanks Kim! I'm more like 1400 - 1600/day but I weight more than you so I guess that makes some sense?? The most amazing transformation for me has been a lack of hunger and cravings. I'm used to those being my "diet" pals ... lol. It's obvious to me that the increased fat and protein is providing my body with fuel so it's not asking me to eat constantly. Since I eliminated all grains for the time being - it's almost impossible for me to OD on carbs. Even eating minimal carbs I was gaining weigh back. Thanks for the feedback.