Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In (Week 5 ~ Day 1)

Hello Friends.... Just stepped on the scale and weighed 152.6 :)

That's a loss of  2.2 lbs.since last Friday (my weekly weigh-in day) ~  YEAH!! 

This past Monday when I stepped on the scale I was up 1.2 lbs. (remember that's the day I kicked my booty into gear and said enough is enough). This means that since Monday I've actually lost 3.4 lbs.

Key for me has been recording what I eat.  I thought I could just keep track in my head (of the sugars and carbs that I eat) but I've realized that I can't!  Not at this stage of the game - I absolutely MUST record everything that I eat. A little effort but it's making all the difference this time around.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My morning shake, Herba Mate chocolate tea

Snack (#1): Cashews

Lunch: 1/2 Small baked potato, gouda cheese, almonds

Dinner: 1/2 Flatbread,spinach & artichoke hummus, cucumber, red bell pepper, almond butter, Redi-Whip

Snack (#2): Jicama

Today is my 44th birthday and our family plans to have dinner with my sister & her family as well as my in-laws. Tomorrow morning we're supporting my brother-in-law and walking with him in the local "MS Walk". Then tomorrow night we're off to a Cub Scout cookout. It'll be a busy, but fun, weekend.

Hope everyone has a great BFC weekend!! :)


  1. Hi Kim.Boy I feel like you and I have so much in common. I started the BFC so long ago too, but like you, never saw the light and commited 100%. I still am down 15 lbs, but if I had only been alittle more diligent, tracked better and planned ahead, I could be at my goal. I have many excuses why I didn't do this, but I'm not giving up. I am so happy for your weight loss. All it takes is alittle positivie results to get that momentum going. Continued success. Sending love and hugs and happy birthday wishes!!

  2. It so important to track all your food, especially in the first 2 months until you get used to it and then can do it in your head.
    Great job :-)