Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Runs in the Family (Week 10 ~ Day 6)

What can I say.... my kids are wanting to take pictures of  their food  like I do.  My 9-year old son asked me yesterday if he could take a picture of the breakfast that he made. I said, "For what, your blog??" He didn't answer :)  Here's the picture that he took:

In other news, I did not have a good day yesterday.  I was hungry ALL day long.  I mean like really, really hungry.  We were out of the house from 9:00am until 1:00pm and then it was so darn hot that I had no energy to put into a healthy meal. I know, I know.. but it was a super hard day! :(

Ok... I hate to post this but this is what I ate yesteday:

Breakfast: My morning shake, green tea (did good here)
Lunch: McDonald's Cheeseburger (we were out during lunch and this is what we ended up eating - which is so, so rare for us.... I was still hungry when I got home so I made a flax muffin an hour later)
Snack: Flax Muffin with walnuts and blueberries
Dinner: 3 Fresco Taco's (from Taco Bell) and half an order of Nachos (can you believe that I was still hungry after eating all of  this and drinking 2 cups of water)???
Snack: Almond Butter with Reddi-Wip PLUS a bowl of Reddi-Wip

Good golly... not sure why I was so hungry (and no.... I am not pregnant)!! :)   Normally I would not eat fast food like this twice in 1 day but sometimes it happens when we are on the run all day.  It's waaaay too hot to start the oven but I may break down and roast some chicken this morning or tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.  I picked up some salmon burgers at the store and plan to have one for lunch today along with a green salad. I am totally needing to eat more veggies. I miss my little veggie friends like broccoli, asparagus, and lettuce and I'm totally craving some jicama so we bought one at the store a few days ago and I plan to cut it up today!! :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!  I'll see you tomorrow.  Here's a picture of  the sunset last night and the sunrise this morning:

What's so cool about this picture is the shadow that the clouds are making in the sky above them - never seen that before!

This is actually looking west. The sun was shining on a strip of clouds above the mountains - almost looks like snow.


  1. I feel like that too sometimes! Hey at least you didnt have like a milkshake from mcdonalds right? or like a pie? or one of those really sweet drinks from taco bell, right?TOday will be a better day! :)

    1. That is true :) I never drink anything but water.. So thankful now that my parents never kept soda in the house when I was growing up. I didn't even have a french fry so I did feel better about that.. but.... (well you've read the rest of the story)...

      Thanks for commenting Ashley!

  2. Chin up. One bad day won't kill you. As for turning your oven on when it's hot. That's why I bought one of these...

    I LOOOOOOOVE it! I use it more than my oven, even in the colder months. It's lined with brick, so it cooks your food more evenly and holds the heat well. The cavity is very large. I can fit a whole, regular sized chicken in there. Not only does it prevent the whole kitchen from being heated up, it costs less to use, and it also has a convection setting so that you can cook your food more quickly if you wish to.

    1. I have a Breville oven on the counter that is awesome too (I got it with Airmiles points so even better). It can fit a 12" pizza and I use it all the time instead of my oven. If it's really hot, I take it outside and run it there.

    2. Our counter-top ovens sound comparable. Mine will fit a 12" pizza pan as well. Does your have a convection setting? Whenever mine dies, I know it will be immediately replaced, and I'm not opposed to trying a different brand. I do like that my oven walls are lined with stone so that it hold the heat better and helps produces even baking.

  3. Hey the next time you go to McDonalds just get one of those big burgers w/cheese and mushrooms and they will wrap it in lettuce for you. You won't feel guilty and it might fill you up more.
    Your son's food looks great. :-)

  4. That is so cute that your son wants to do pictures too! If he cooked all that at 9, he is 9 years ahead of my kids in cooking ability!!!
    I am so sad reading about all of the Colorado fires, may God Bless all of the peoples lives that have been so disrupted.
    I agree with Rosalie, that's what I did when I was losing. I have come to a sad conclusion that just having my sugar under control isn't the answer for me. I have got to get back to monitoring my carb intake and eating good carbs. DANG!!!
    Have a great day:)

  5. I'm never really happy when I eat at McDonald's unless I get a big burger ( I prefer the Big and Tasty, my husband calls it the big and nasty, lol) and have them lettuce wrap it. the cheeseburgers have too much sugar in them, and are way too small. I even get fries sometimes, but usually I'm better off just to get a coffee and wait until home to eat. :)

    That being said, yesterday is gone. You only have today. I'm sure you will make it better! :)

    1. Oh, and I forgot to say that when I started taking pictures of my food my son wanted to take pictures too. :)

  6. It's a way of life Kim - we have to live right? We do the best we can with the circumstances we’ve got. My youngest graduated Kindergarten this week and has been BEGGING for months to go to the Chinese buffet restaurant (which I've been avoiding like the plague). We let him go this week to celebrate and I was tempted to eat at home first and not at the restaurant but I realized that's crazy. I made the best choices I could under the circumstances and celebrated with my son. If it throws my whole week ... well ... it was worth it :)