Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pray for Rain!! (Week 10 ~ Day 4)

Hello friends!!   I had a wonderful weekend watching my kids perform in the Pirates of Penzance at our local theater.  Here are a few photos from the the dress rehearsal last Thursday:

The Pirate of Penzance Cast

Morgan (Mabel) and Nathanial (Frederic)

The Pirates (Ryan is on the far left)

I am actually posting this entry on Sunday night because I decided to take a break from the computer tomorrow (Monday). I just received an email from our pastor asking anyone who is willing and able to come alongside the church and participate in a fast for rain! That fire in the foothills to the west of us is still burning.  It has already burned over 82,000 acres, destroyed 248 homes, and is only 45% contained (at one point last week it was 55% contained but with the lack of rain and the high winds has allowed it to pick back up). 

We have several other fires burning in our state as well as in in other states.  We need rain.... bad!!  The email from our pastor explained that you don't have to give up only food... you can give up anything such that anytime you think about it, you pray for whatever you are fasting for - which in this case is rain (that's why people usually give up food - the hunger pains remind them to pray)!!  Therefore, since I spend time on my computer daily, checking emails, Facebooking, blogging, reading blogs, etc... that is what I will be fasting from.

Since I just got the email about a half hour ago, I threw this post together rather quickly.  Therefore, forgive the lack of content but I will be back tomorrow (Tuesday) with a longer post.

Have a great day and if you wouldn't mind - join me in prayin' for rain!!


  1. May God Bless Colorado with rain! The fire stories are so sad.
    The pictures are so cute!!!

  2. God Bless Colorado and all it's great people. I pray that rain will come soon. I pray for safety, peace and strength for the firefighters. I pray for peace and comfort for the people who have lost homes, pets and their feelings of "home" as theirs have been taken away.

    God Bless You All Kim. ():-)

    Linda in Western NC

  3. Great pictures, and great fasting idea! Prayers for rain for Co. from over here

  4. Great pictures of the play and I am so sorry for all the homes and land lost from the fire. Stay safe. :-)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.