Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I Ate Yesterday (12/19)

As promised yesterday, I will be posting everthing that I eat this week (M-F) along with the corresponding S/C Value (the "S" is the amount of sugar grams per meal/snack and the "C" is the number of carb servings.  Every 20 grams of carbs = 1 carb serving). 

The idea behind Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure is not to exceed a S/C Value of 5/2 per meal (5 sugar grams and 40 carbs) ..... overall that means not going over a S/C Value of 15/6 per day.

Here is what I ate yesterday (Monday):

Breakfast: My Morning Shake
    Sugar Grams: 4         Carb Grams:  18             S/C Value: 4/1

Lunch:  2 slices roast beef; 2 slices montery jack cheese; handful of lettuce greens
    Sugar Grams: 0          Carb Grams: 1               S/C Value: 0/0

If a meal/snack has under 5 grams of carbs total, you do not need to count it - you would count the carb value as 0!

Snack:  1 serving (13 puffs) Natural Cheetos Puffs - White Cheddar
    Sugar Grams: 1         Carb Grams: 13              S/C Value: 1/1

Dinner:  Jorge's Lemon Spiced Shrimp Salad Meal (recipe from Jorge's Recipe Club)
    Sugar Grams: 4          Carb Grams: not given    S/C Value: 4/2

Snack: Cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea; 2 pieces Lindt's Excellence 85% Dark Chocolate
    Sugar Grams: 3          Carb Grams: 4               S/C Value: 3/0

Oops Snack:  Had two small pieces of homemade English Toffee.... trying to find a S/C Value but no luck.  Let's just assume it has put me waaaaay over my S/C values for the day (especially the sugars). 

So without the toffee, I would have had a daily S/C total of 12/4.  But..... eating the toffee.... well let's just say I hated having to post about it and know that I will do much better today because not only do I want to succeed on this plan but because I DO NOT want to have to report an oops snack tomorrow!!!

I'll leave you with a photo of Jorge's Lemon Spiced Shrimp Salad that we had for dinner.  Again, it is straight from Jorge's Recipe Club.  I'll have a full review of the Recipe Club in the near future, but for now, if you are interested in receiving Jorge's weekly recipes (for meals, quick meals, snacks), along with a few other perks, follow the link above where you can get the details and see Jorge's short video describing the program.

See you tomorrow!


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