Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What I Ate Yesterday (12/20)

Here's what I ate yesterday (Tuesday):

Breakfast: My Morning Shake
    Sugar Grams: 4          Carb Grams:  18        =      S/C Value: 4/1

Lunch:  3 medium celery stalks; tuna (made with just tuna & mayo); a sprinkle of Tony's Creole Seasoning; 1/2 piece of sourdough bread with butter  
    Sugar Grams: 3          Carb Grams: 30          =      S/C Value: 3/2

If you omit the bread, this meal has 3 sugar grams and 3 carbs grams for a S/C value of 3/0

Snack:  Nothing (honestly, the celery and tuna lunch completely filled me up until dinner)
    Sugar Grams: -----     Carb Grams: -----   =      S/C Value: -----

Dinner:  Ruben Sandwhich (2 slices Russian Rye Bread, 2 slices pastrami, 2T sauerkraut, 1T Thousand Island Dressing);  1/2 serving BBQ chips (7 chips)
    Sugar Grams: 3          Carb Grams: 37         =     S/C Value: 3/2

Snack: 1 1/2 pieces Lindt's Excellence 85% Dark Chocolate; 1 tsp Adam's Crunchy Peanut Butter 
    Sugar Grams:  2         Carb Grams: 7           =      S/C Value: 2/1
Therefore my total S/C Values for Tuesday were 12/6.  Not only did I stay within the BFC recommended S/C Values, but I did not have any Oops Snacks like I did yesterday!!!  To be honest, it's not that the temptation wasn't there, but rather I didn't want to have to report it here - and that made all the difference - I love accountability!

Here's a picture of  the celery with tuna that I had for lunch.

See you tomorrow!

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