Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's a New Year!!

Morning Sunrise (love sunrise and sunset photos)
Happy New Year everyone! I've not posted for a few weeks. Got a little busy with the holidays & we're getting ready for a family vacation. We're going to California to visit my parents for 10 days who live in Seal Beach.  We leave this Thursday.  I love taking my kids home and showing them were I grew up.  They think it's so cool to go to the beach and swim in the pool.  My grandmother, who will be turning 85 on January 18th, is also at my mom's house visiting so I will get to visit with her.  My mom is going to have a full house :)

As far as diet goes, I did let my guard down between Christmas and New Years and I am currently up to 157.2.  All the sweets are gone and I'm looking forward to finally dropping this weight.  My goal is to reach 130.  I'm 5'4" and I think that weight is very realistic.  At my lowest, in college, I was not even 110 pounds.  I don't even know what I weighed because I never really cared or thought about it.  I just know that I went to give blood  one day and they turned me away because I didn't weigh atleast 110. No,  I was not anorexic and I ate a very, very clean diet.  I will set my goal to 130 and see how I feel when I get to there.  After 5 kids, it's been a long time since I've seen anything in the 130's at all.  So, with the holidays over,  I 'm really excited to get the weight loss ball rolling.

Brooke, 2, doing the Wii Fit. 
It's so funny watching her do the the
bike riding in her Rupunzel gown :)
For Christmas I got Wii Fit and Wii Zumba.  Love them both!  I had to laugh the first day I got on the Wii Fit and my Mii charcater "inflated" as soon as the Wii board took my weight - HA!  I have been very inactive for the past 2 years since our youngest daughter was born.  I homeschool and was not taking time to go to the gym (although I still pay for it every month - UGG!).  I love that I can do the Wii at home whenever I have time.  Actually, my entire family enjoys it as well - it's so fun! 

Once other thing.... I don't like weighing once a week.  I really do like to weigh daily... so you may begin seeing more weigh-ins posted here.  However, after saying that, the next week may not include any weigh-ins because I will be out of town.  Not sure if I weigh the same on my mom's scale since she is at sea level and we live a mile high in Colorado.  Does that make a difference?  I may test it and see how far off it is.  I will be checking in on my vacation and will try to post a few pics.  Here's to a great BFC week! :)

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