Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 4 ~ Day 6

It's funny to post that I'm on "Week 4 ~ Day 6"  because I originally started the BFC Diet in October 2010 - that's 19 months ago my friends!   After not following the plan consistently for the past 19 months, I decided last month that I really wanted to make this work.  When I follow the BFC plan, I always lose weight, and when I go off of it, I don't (and even actually gain). Here's what my journey has looked like:

I stick to the plan, I lose some weight, I indulge in a sugar binge or a carb overload for several meals/days(not just at one little meal), I gain the weight back, I repeat the whole process. 

And then when I woke up this past Monday morning something had finally clicked (probably seeing the pictures of me on Mother's Day)! I had a fire under me and I didn't want to lose it - I knew I needed to get the momentum going right away!!  To lose these stinkin 25-30 lbs, it's going to take work on my part.  That doesn't mean it will be grueling and I'll be suffering because it won't be - not on the BFC Diet!  It means that I will need to be diligent about making sure I stay withing the 15/6 BFC guidelines because that's what makes the BFC work.  Like Kay says, most foods can fit into the BFC. You may have to reduce the amount (maybe even have only one or two bites) but most foods can fit into the plan.  Then you won't feel deprived and then break down and binge on that one thing that you didn't allow yourself to have.  I admire the people who saw the "BFC light" from the beginning and forged ahead. I wish I had. But I didn't.  I kept taking short cuts and getting side tracked but I plan to stay the course until the weight is off this time! 

Had a succesful day yesterday staying within the 15/6 BFC guidelines. In fact what you see listed below was a total of 9 sugars and 46 carbs (so 3 carb servings).  Here's what I ate:

Breakfast: My morning shake; Herba Mate chocolate tea

Snack #1: Handful of macadamia nuts

Lunch: Green salad topped with roasted chicken breast, salami, ranch dressing and 6 crushed Doritos; few slices of jicima; small piece of mozzarella cheese
(Thanks for the Chili Cheese Frito suggestion Kay - I love them but haven't had a chance to buy any yet so I used Doritos instead - they made the salad sooo good and added the "crunch" I was craving)

Dinner: Meatballs with zuchinni noodles and alfredo sauce
(Recipe idea from Amber - this was EXCELLENT!  We will definently be making this again.  Wish we had made even more so we would have had leftovers for lunch today!!!  My husband made the meatballs using the following: 1 lb hamburger, 1 egg, 1/4 c parmesean cheese, 3 garlic cloves, 1/4 c minced white onion, Italian seasoning.  He browned them on the stovetop and then finished them in the oven.  Both my husband and I really loved this meal!  Thanks Amber)!

Snack #2 Didn't even want one - full and satisfied from dinner

Thanks to all my BFC friends for their encouragement - it has made all the difference this time around. 

Have a great day!!


  1. Yea Kim! When it "clicks" it makes all the difference! You CAN do this!!

  2. Hi Kim, that's so funny ... I was inspired by Amber's post about zucchini and meatballs too. You can see my post at my blog I would love to follow along with you too if that's ok. I've been eating this way for ... into my fourth month. I'm down 22 pounds so far. I do best when I keep my carbs way low and eat very little sugar. I'm sure it all has to do with my hormones :)

    1. Welcome Trina!! I would love to share in this journey with you (I think BFC bloggers are the best)! I'll head on over to your blog and join so I can follow you as well. Wow!!! 22 pounds lost - what an accomplishment!!!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. You are doing really well! Thank you for using some of my tips, it makes me feel "special"!!! Special hahaha!!! This is really bad since I am 55 years old, but I don't think I have ever tasted zuchinni. Not intentionally at least. Since I like spinach now maybe I should branch out!
    Isn't it fun when it all starts coming together?
    I was just looking at my blog this time last year and I had lost about 14 lbs after starting in March. I was still a newbie!!! I weigh the same now as I did in October I think. So it is maintainable. That's good news!!!

    1. You definently should try the zucchini noodles. This is how we made ours (actually how my husband made them - I just watched) :) We had 3 small zucchini. He cut them into long ribbons and then sauted them in a pan with some olive oil, over medium-high heat, for about 3-4 minutes until soft. He had to actually do them in 2 batches since the pan was too crowded. Add some alfredo sauce and some parmesean cheese (and some meatballs if you have them) - YUM!!! Those 3 very small zuchinni made enough ribbons for 3 meals (1 for me, 1 for my husband, and 1 for our daughter). A little tiny zuchinni went a long way.
      You have come such a long way on your BFC journey! You should be so proud of yourself :) I love reading all of your posts - the early ones were particularly key in getting me re-started when I saw that you were eating "normal" food that you enjoyed(just less carbs and sugar) and losing weight. Thanks for posting from the beginning! Have a great day, Kay!