Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 4 ~ Day 5

Good Morning Everyone!

I have to say that yesterday was a success!! I kept my sugars and carbs within the BFC's 15/6 guideline and here is what I ate:

Breakfast: My morning shake; decaf coffee w/ cream, tea
Lunch: 2 hot dogs (used 2 Sandwich Thin halves as the buns - thanks for that suggestion Kay!); mayo; mustard, sauerkraut; cheese
Snack #1: (3pm): green olives
Dinner: 2 fish tacos
Snack #2 (6:45pm) almond butter with whipped cream

Yes, I was alittle heavy on the salt yesterday but my main focus was to stay within the BFC's 15/6 guideline and feel satisfied. I do plan to get more creative with low-carb dishes while still eating some of my favorites (just watching portions and keeping them within the magic number 15/6).   I really want to try the recipes that Amber just posted (especially the meatballs with zucchini noodles)!

I have to tell you that when I woke up yesterday, I wondered if I was picking the right week to get all gung-ho about this because I knew I was heading into a week of birthdays (my husbands was yesterday and mine is Friday) - but you know what?  When you're ready, you're ready!!!  Go with it! I realized that the BFC is a lifestyle and I can make it work no matter what is going on in my life!!  My husband chose ice cream sundaes for his birthday dessert and I knew that I could have a bite or two but instead I chose to enjoy some almond butter with whipped cream and you know what??  It wasn't about the dessert I chose, it was just nice to sit and talk with my family and enjoy celebrating my husband's birthday!  :)

I'll leave you with a photo of the birthday boy opening his presents while the kids watch.  The funny part is that the boys got him a WII game that they have been wanting to play!!  :)

Here's to a great BFC week everyone! We can do it!!!


  1. A hard week is the best week to do it! I started during the holidays, so if you can do it then, you can do it anytime Kim! Love the family photo - you have a beautiful family. My husbands bday was last week and I have a long story about the vegan carrot cake I made...

    I also like the sandwich thins, we use them for burgers all the time now.

    1. That is so true Amber... If I can get through this week with birthdays and all, next week should be even easier!! I remember you mentioning in your last post that you were going to be making your husband a carrot cake from the "Make it Paleo" Cookbook. Now I'm super curious about how it turned out :)

  2. Great job on staying away from the cake! The feeling of success tastes better than the cake would. This time last year I had lost about 16 lbs, down to 149. Now a year later I am hovering at 135. You can do this!!!
    Great job on the sandwich thin hot dogs and the olives. Did the olives work at all? They are supposed to be healthy for us.
    I love the picture of your husband and kids. I am kind of the grandma on here! Ugh!!! Actually it is less stressful being a grandma:)
    Have a great week!!!

    1. Thanks Kay! The olives did work ....And the sandwich thins were such a GREAT substitute for a bun. Thanks for the suggestions.
      You look FABULOUS (and nothing like what we use to picture grandma's looking like):) Seriously!! Your family should be so proud of you!!!
      Have a great week as well! :)

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