Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Soooo Ready for Maintenance!! (Week 4 ~ Day 4)

The first blooms of the season ~ just in time for Mother's Day!
First off  I wanted to say Happy Belated Mother's Day to all of my BFC friends who are Mommas.  I enjoyed church and brunch with my children, husband, and in-laws.  My Mom is visiting my Grandmother in Kentucky right now so I'll get to see her in a few weeks.

Ok friends.... I'm ready for maintenance!! Not that I've arrived but I want to be there REALLY bad! I know once I reach my goal it also will take work to maintain but I just can't stand losing a few lbs and then gaining it back. Then instead of having to lose a few lbs to get back down to my goal weight, I have now added another few to the 25-30 that I still have to lose. I really, really, really want to lose this weight once and for all and will really try to be aware of when I am considering sabatoge my efforts (and I know when I am doing this so I should be able to stop it, right??)!! The bottom line is for me to stick to the BFC recommended sugar/carb count of 15/6 and I WILL do it!! I will be posting about it here and keeping you all informed.

I wish I had a weight-loss to report but I don't. I weigh-in throughout the week and will be down, but on my official weigh-in day this past Friday, I was up .8 lb to 154.8! 

I have identified that dinner has become a problem. Here's how my typical day goes:
Breakfast: Morning Shake (OK)
Lunch: Some type of salad or lunch meat/cheese; maybe some nuts or olives  (OK)
AM Snacks: I try to have some macadamia nuts or almonds or a piece of lunchmeat (OK)
Dinner: I've concluded that this is where I've been sabatoging my diet efforts lately (NOT OK)!!
I always try to have a low-carb dinner planned but then when dinner rolls around, it doesn't sound good anymore, or I'm too tired to put it together so we grab Little Ceasar's Pizza, or I get really hungry before dinner and rather than reaching for a healthy snack, I eat crackers/chips and now I'm no longer hungry because I got full on junk!  I always look at the box/bag and know how many 1 serving is and pull at the specific amount, but after I eat 1 serving, I reach for another, and possible another.  What's up with that?  I'm totally making an effort this week to make healthy dinners a priority!

 Hope everyone has a great week!!!


  1. My idea would be to allow the chips or crackers, so you don't feel like they are off limits and want more. It really is a weird mind game. When you know you can have them if you want them, suddenly they aren't so important anymore.
    Do you like green olives? I found that if I really wanted some chips, it was mostly the salt, and a few green olives helped the craving. I truly did only eat the serving size and I never got the bag back out. If you can train yourself to do that, they won't be your trigger food anymore. I also find putting some chili cheese fritos on my spinach salad, makes the spinach palatable, and I still get my fritos. It only takes like 6 fritos crushed up for a salad.
    Just some ideas. The only other suggestion that I have is that if your breakfast and lunch is blah and not satisfying to you, that could be causing your issues for dinner. You are trying to make up for all the food you didn't have during the day?
    Our brains LOVE food!!! You will do this, I just know it!

    1. Thanks for the ideas Kay!!
      I do like green olives and have some in the fridge so I just need to remember to go for them when I am craving the salt since I never tend to overeat them. The chips and crackers however, yes, I do. I just need to eat them with a lunch or dinner so they are not all that I am eating - and not half an hour before dinner when I am really hungry :) I LOVE chili cheese fritos so crushing them over spinach salad is such a great idea. I'll have to try that soon!! :)

  2. youre not alone kim! I too sabotage myself, for me its night snacking.. you know that time after a great day of bfc-ing and a great healthy dessert.. After that, I just wannna eat and eat! its quite frustrating.. I guess what im trying to say, is your def. not alone! we can only try! lets keep trying!

  3. I am with kim though, for breakfast lunch and dinner; I dont feel like you are getting all the necessary nutrients, but i wont judge! I am just saying, that balancing meals with equal proportions would be good! ? just a thought! I find this helpful to me, I used to eat small thing likes string cheese and a few almonds for lunch, or coffee and 1 bar, but that didnt work because i felt deprived from not getting a real meal! Instead, I am trying to add more good food, close to equal amonts, no more, no less on one meal.. Its helped! I odnt feel deprived, but I do have those night cravings still! So youre not alone! best of luck!

    1. Love the support on this blog and love the suggestions (please continue to do so as I would never feel that you're judging me in a bad way - I really do feel as if the comments are a HUGE help and very supportive so thank you!!). You are right about the balanced meals. Part of the problem is that my husband leaves for work at 5:30am so I drink my morning shake with him around 5:00am. By 9-10am I have a small snack so I can eat lunch closer to when the kids do but sometimes by the time lunch rolls around, I am REALLY hungry and don't always make the healthiest choices. I'll be working on that this week! Thanks for the suggestions Ahsley! We WILL suceed at this together and with the support of all the other great BFCer's !!! :)