Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 6 ~ Day 5

Proudly flying our flag!!
Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We helped the Boy Scouts set up crosses and flags at the cemetery, went to one birthday party and two graduation parties, bought a new dishwasher, and had a BBQ with my parents, in-laws, and my sister and her family.

I did okay on the food front.  I have to say that with all the events I attended, and all the tempting food available, I ate pretty well - considering. That is until last night. There was 1 piece of cake left when we were cleaning up and it wasn't very big (I mean, it was small in my opinion but larger than the 1-2 bites I would normally have had).  I ate the whole piece.  Then after we were done cleaning up, I went over to my parents (who live next door) and within 30 minutes, I was soooo tired that I couldn't stay awake.  Not your normal tired, but completely wiped out tired where I couldn't keep my eyes open. I guess I have been feeling soooo awesome lately that I could honestly feel the effects of the sugar in my body. What a yucky feeling!!

So....Here's what I've eaten the past 4 days:

Breakfast: My morning shake; green tea
Lunch: Garden burger on a Sandwich Thin with mayo and cheese; blackberries with Truvia and Redi-Whip
Dinner: (Pizza Hut) 1 large slice of Pepperoni Pizza; 3 boneless wings; salad with bell pepper, mushrooms, sunflower seeds and ranch dressing
** I looked up the Nutritional Info. for Pizza Hut rather quickly and went there thinking that I could have 1 large piece of pizza AND 4 wings for a total of 36 carbs but it was either/or NOT both.  Didn't realize this mistake until I was entering everything into My Fitness Pal **

Breakfast: My morning shake
Lunch: 1 Small (6-inch) homemade pizza
** The birthday party was at a cooking school and everyone made their own 6-inch pizza **  
Snack: Celery with peanut butter
Dinner: Bratwurst on a bun; 2 pieces of watermelon; 2 bites of a chocolate brownie

Breakfast: My morning shake
Lunch: 2 Fish tacos with guacamole
Snack: Almond butter with Redi-Whip
Dinner: Pita bread with 3 Tbsp of hummus; jicama

Breakfast: My morning shake
Lunch: Smoked chicken breast, homemade potato salad, homemade baked beans
Dinner: Smoked chicken breast, homemade potato salad, homemade baked beans
(Yep - ate leftovers for dinner so it was the same meal)
Snack: 1 piece of cake

It was a fun weekend but I'm kind of glad it's over.  Need to get my kids finished with their schoolwork so we can begin to enjoy summer break.  Have a great week and stay strong!! Remember that whatever you ate this weekend,  it's a new day and the BFC is ALWAYS there waiting for you to come back  :)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a busy weekend! We went to a Memorial Day function and then BBQ'd at our house. It was a very nice weekend.

  2. I think the American flag is the most beautiful flag in the world. I love when I drive in the US and see American's proudly flying it outside their homes.

    Kim, I broke down and had a little sushi on Friday ... we just pick back up the next day and keep going :) I decided if I was going to “cheat” that white rice was least harmful (no gluten and no sugar). At least I didn’t “feel” ill effects from it. I’m almost scared of what a real sugar binge would do to me … maybe it’s good I’m scared … lol.

  3. Yes you had a busy weekend. Have a nice day :-)

  4. You did great! Being that busy is a good thing because you are burning those calories all day long! I am excited that you are realizing how many things you really can have in moderation!
    It sounds like you had the sugar "ickies"! I am in no hurry to have them again!

  5. P.S. My husband loves flying our flag every day too, it's another think I love about him:)