Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chocolate Coconut Oil Fudge (Week 9 ~ Day 5)

Whew - I'm back on track!  What happened over the weekend was a learning experience....a hiccup, in the grand scheme of things. I ate great yesterday and have a menu in place for the rest of the week.  It was 100 degrees yesterday so I'm trying not to turn the oven on. Tonight we're grilling tilapia, tomorrow grilling burgers, and Thursday tuna salad or hummus. 

And here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My morning shake
Lunch: 2 Eggs, 1 english muffin with Nature's Hollow jam

Snack: Chocolate coconut oil fudge (see note below)
Dinner: 2 Pork carnitas tacos (smoked pork, corn tortillas, cheese, onion, cilantro, chipotle cream sauce)

How I make my Chocolate Coconut Fudge:
Making the chocolate coconut oil fudge is a snap!  Just melt equal parts of dark chocolate and coconut oil together in the microwave (I used 1 cup of chips and 1 cup coconut oil).  I poured mine into a buttered glass dish (6 x 10inch) and then placed it in the fridge to cool.  Once hardened, cut it into the size pieces that you want (I cut mine into 24 pieces but next time may cut them even smaller since they are rich).  The sugar value will vary depending on the type of chocolate that you use and what size you cut your pieces into.  I used Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips (because that's all I had when I wanted to make them) and my sugar/carb values per piece was 2.5/3.  I think I'll try a lower sugar chocolate next time.

I added walnuts as well because I like the texture that it adds.  I like to put a "small" squirt of Redi-Whip on top.  You can also spread a "tiny" amount of peanut butter on top and it tastes like a peanut butter cup.  1-2 pieces of this fudge is plenty - it's rich - a treat that I enjoy but not one that I'd binge on which makes it a safe treat that takes care of my sweet tooth.  It will begin to melt as soon as it touches your hands so store it in the fridge and have a napkin nearby.  It really is this easy - the only time consuming part is figuring out the sugars/carbs per piece.  I found this recipe a while back when I was researching the positive effects that coconut oil has on the brain.  Love coconut oil and since I don't count calories, I never mind using it in my recipes and my morning shake.

Rememer the fire that I mentioned last week?  It's still burning!!! I think it's burned 50,000 acres and is only 50% contained.  It's now the most destructive fire Colorado has ever had.  Over 200 structures burned last I heard. Here are a few photos that we took on Sunday:

Our forecast for the next 6 days is 96, 81, 88, 99, 100, and 97 with gusty winds and no rain! Not great for the firefighting efforts.  It's unusual to be so hot in June  (and actually we've been having warm/hot weather since mid-April). We don't normally expect to see these high temps. until July. Send rain and keep the fireman and the people whose homes are threatened (and those that have already lost their homes) in your thoughts and prayers!!

Have a great BFC day!!  See ya tomorrow! :)


  1. Glad to hear you're back on track. Wow, I can't believe that fire is still burning. I assumed it was out by now.

  2. I was just listening to talk about the fire on the news. It sounds pretty smoky! They were saying it is suggested not to exercise outside because of the smoke. My prayers are with everyone there!
    The fudge looks really good! I still have not cracked open my jar of coconut oil? Crazy! I never acquired the dark chocolate taste, so I haven't really eaten dark chocolate anything. It looks worth a try!
    I knew you could get back on track! Good job:) Honestly what I do when there is so much food around, is eat fruit. I know fruit is high in sugar too, but it at least has some redeeming nutritional qualities.
    Thank you for your kind words! My oldest son was only focused on himself on Father's Day, he was in college when my husband and I married. The youngest 2 were only 12! And I do believe they will learn someday!

    1. The fruit is a great idea.. atleast it has nutrients that are good for my body!! :)

  3. Well I guess it's fire season cause there is one burning over here in riverside county that started on Father's day. I hate watching other people loosing everything.
    I really battled with the use of coconut oil when people first starting using it a lot. I just saw the calories and it scared me to death - still does. But I am loosening up a bit now. I guess I will have to try the chocolate one too. I have such a sweet tooth - anything with chocolate is OK for me.
    Have a great day :-)

  4. I make this kind of yummy treat often - made some yesterday in fact - but I usually use cocoa powder or baking chocolate so I can regulate the sugar content, but then I never seem to pick the right amount of stevia. What you did here would be so much easier. I may have to buy some chocolate chips next time to make it easier on myself. I love to make them in individual sizes, and put peanut butter right on top or bottom, and store in the freezer. :)

  5. Kim, what is the recipe for your morning shake?

    1. Hi there... Here is the link to the post with the recipe:

      If for some reason that doesn't work here is the recipe as well:

      1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
      1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt
      - I make my own yogurt with raw milk but you don't have to
      - Here's a link to eating yogurt on a low-carb diet:
      1/2 Scoop Whey Protien Powder
      1T Flax Seed Oil
      1T Coconut Oil
      1/2 T Cocoa Powder
      1 tsp. Chia Seeds
      2 tsp. Benefiber
      - sometimes I use psyllium husk or, if I have it one hand, another nutritional fiber product
      3/4 tsp. Truvia (or 1 packet)
      10-12 Coffee Beans (I don't really measure - I just take a very small handful and throw them in)

      Put all items in a blender and blend well.

      This shake is not a sweet, milkshake type of drink but you can make adjustments if you want to make it more like one.

      Let me know if you have any questions :)

    2. Thanks, Kim!

  6. Here's a similar idea for the chocolate but uses cocoa so you can use stevia/xylitol and have a 0 sugar count (if you're interested) http://www.healthylivinghowto.com/1/post/2012/05/melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hands.html. I've been making my own snacks with no sugar added and it helps keep my sugar well below 15 gr/day. I'll try and get the almond butter cups posted for you too. They are another yummy one!

    1. Thanks Trina.... I'll head over there right now and check it out! :)

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