Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello Friends!!

Hello everyone... just popping in to see hi.  I will have a longer post  soon. 

I can't belive my last post was a month ago!  Where has the time gone??? 

The last time I posted Mike and Ryan were going to Boy Scout Camp and I was holding the fort down with the other 4 kids. We actually spent that entire week deep cleaning our basement so our exchange student from Denmark could stay in the basement bedroom while he is here. I figured it would give him a little more privacy and "quiet" when he needs it.

We had 26 bags of "stuff" (clothes, toys, electronics, etc) for the Goodwill - that should tell you how hard we worked (and how messy it was)!!  Wish I had taken a before picture but I didn't but I will post an after picture soon because I'm so happy that it's cleaned up and we can use it again.  I was up at 5:00am every morning to start the cleaning and that's usually when I do my blogging - so that week I really got out of sync. And I honestly haven't stopped moving since!

The cleaning actually went on for 3 weeks (every day - all day) - we finished up the day he came. Tomorrow  we take him to camp in Woodland Park, CO (about 3 hours from our house) and he will stay there for 1 week.  Then we pick him up next Saturday.  He will be here for 2 more nights, and then we  take him to the airport.  Everyday has been packed FULL of activities, etc... so when I get time I will post some photos.  He has been an total joy to have and we are going to miss him when he leaves.  My 2 oldest start school next week (one on Tuesday and the other on Thursday), and we are getting new carpet in our entire house (don't ask):) so I will try to get a post up on Sunday since I'm not sure how crazy things will get.  Remember that I've homeschooled for the past 8 years so homework, driving to 2 different schools, etc.. will all be new for us!

I love you all and have tried to read posts as I've had a moment to get on the computer.  Ready for more of a schedule now that school is starting and hoping to find a good time to blog each day.  Thanks for your comments and for checking on me.  Didn't mean to "disappear" - just didn't realize it had been so long..... time flys when you're having fun (and cleaning your basement) :)

I guess I should post that the last time I weighed in a few days ago my weight was 153.0 - up a little over my last official weigh-in so I am very excited to get back on track.  We have been eating out alot since we have been on the move so much lately.  I'll give you a full re-cap in my next post!  Until then have a great day!!


  1. Hi - Its good to see you post. Did I ever mention that I have a cousin that lives in Denmark? You have been a busy girl and with driving for school now you will stay busy. Don't worry about the weight just get back on track and you will be fine.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. glad youre back! cant wait to see you blog again!
    youve been busy! hope things get less hectic and busy, buy school is almost here... it seems like we never have enough free t ime

  3. That will be exciting for the kids to go to new schools! Sounds like you are trying lots of different things and making big changes. I'd love to host an exchange student one day! Exciting stuff :)

  4. I'm so glad to see you back! Time definitely gets way from us. You have been a very busy girl:) I'm excited to hear about the new carpet, I would sure like that at my house!!!

  5. It's good to hear from you again. Have fun!

  6. Glad to hear you're still around. Check in when you can. :)

  7. Looking forward to your next blog! I think a lot of us have slowed down with the blogging this summer (at least I have). We have to make the most of the nice weather and fresh air before we get cooped up in the house again!

  8. I was worried about you :) Glad to hear you've just been busy (I know that feeling - summers are hectic). Can't wait to have you back posting on a regular basis.

  9. Hey Ms. Kim, it is time to come back to the blogging world! I miss your blog and your stories of your kids, it made me nostalgic for when mine were younger! The chaos of them having a million places to be, and the difference of having them all gone and not really needing their Mom much!
    Take care and if you aren't back soon, have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Kay!! I was so excited to get this message from you! Just posted (finally) to my blog. I felt bad blogging when I didn't feel that I had being true to the BFC or losing weight these past few months. Regardless of what my weight is, however, I love all of your blogs and look forward to all of your posts. Yes, life is busy but sweet! Love my kids and know that they'll be gone before I know it. I always love your bits of wisdom since you've "been there". I've been keeping up with your blog and your new grandson is so precious ~ Congrats! Take Care and Merry Christmas to you as well!