Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Week in Review & Eating Out "Alot" (Week 12 ~ Day 6)

Oh my goodness... 1 week without a post??  I didn't realize it had been so long. 

I posted last Tuesday and then Wednesday was the 4th and I knew I wouldn't be posting so I could sleep in and spend time with my husband who was off work... Then Thursday my husband was off work again and I was all thrown off on what day it even was. It sure felt like a weekend. Friday morning we were out the door early for our daughter's out-of-town gymnastics meet so I intended to post when I got home but we got home at 8:30pm and we were exhausted.  I didn't even weigh-in that morning since we had to leave so early and I forgot to weigh-in before I drank my shake.

This weekend my husband and son left for Boy Scout camp.  We spent Saturday getting everything packed and running to the store for last minute things.  I've been holding down the fort and this has been the first chance I've had to post.  Whew - I sure have missed posting but may have to go to a couple of times per week, verses every day, until things settle down a bit over here.

I have not been good at tracking my food in My Fitness Pal since we have been gone so much but I can tell you that I've been doing my best to eat well (with a few mishaps).  We have eaten out ALOT!!  For example, last Friday, my daughter had to be at her meet 3 hours early (and it was 1 1/2 hours away), so we dropped her off and then went with my parents out to eat breakfast.  I had poached eggs and bacon.  We have eaten breakfast out every single day (with my parents) since then and I have ordered eggs and bacon  at every meal (along with fruit or an english muffin at a few of the meals) so I haven't done too bad.  But eating out is...well... eating out.  Not sure why, but when we eat out this often, I never lose any weight.   

I did have a bad experience that I want to share with you.... my parents took us to dinner the other night at a diner.  I had the fried chicken with a baked potato (I know bad... bad.. but potatoes normally don't cause me to gain weight so I do eat them occasionally but keep reading).....  My sister ordered a cinnamon roll to eat BEFORE dinner and she cut me off a piece.  I didn't eat it before my meal but then after my meal I did :(  Then when we were leaving we took one home for the 5 of us to split (only 5 of us since two of "us" are at Boy Scout Camp this week).  Later that evening we ate it, and around 4:00am I woke up feeling very sick.  I  thought I was going to throw-up.   I know this feeling too well.. I use to have it when I binged on sweets and ate way more carbs.  I seriously had about 4 bites, BUT, add on the potato and the fried chicken and YIKES... What the heck was going on in my tummy??  (Actually I know what was going on - and it felt awful)!!  This was probably the most sugar and carbs that I had eaten since the 4th -  The rest of the week was pretty good.
I still plan to post my weight this Friday but as of this morning I am up 1 1/2 lbs  to 151. That's calculated from my last Friday weigh-in but in actuality I'm 1 lb lower than where I was last Tuesday.  We don't plan on eating out for the rest of this week and I plan to eat my 'normal' foods so my body can feel good again.

Here are a few photos from our busy weekend:

Dad grilling on the 4th of July

Mom getting things ready in the kitchen

Mike's amazing burger

Mike dunking the boys' heads in the baby pool

Morgan during her floor routine

Morgan competing "bars" in the background

Leaving for Boy Scout Camp

Have a great day everyone!!! :)


  1. Kim you have done really well considering you ate out a lot. I don't think the chicken and potato would have made you sick by itself - but add the cinnamon roll and that probably did it.
    I love all your pictures. You have a wonderful family!! :-)

  2. No wonder you haven't been blogging that much, you are one busy mom!! I think it is harder to lose when we go out to eat, because of hidden sugars. Probably the cinnamon roll wasn't a great idea but you didn't do so bad otherwise. Your 4th of July looks like it was fun! Your dad looks young! My sons were in boy scouts too, once upon a time. I loved seeing your handsome young guy in the uniform again!

  3. Hi Kim! Nice to hear from you. I missed your Friday weigh in (I watch my computer in anticipation of your Friday post) :) Some things just aren't worth eating for me (at least so far). I hate to say never since we never know what tomorrow brings but right now. The wedding weekend was a little difficult but if someone had told me I'd be sick I would not have eaten the fish or the pie - they were good but neither was worth the bad feeling. I don't know why food has such a hold us ... I feel I'm 98% out from under its spell for now - very few things tempt me to cheat. Have a good week :)

  4. Glad you're back! Its a new week and new day!
    It is understandable that you didnt do so well, but at least you have the will to continue eating healthy!

  5. Busy mom! So good to hear about all that's going on with your family. I enjoy reading about the lives of my cyber friends. I know what you mean about eating out. It's just too darn hard to do it too much. I always end up picking at something I shouldn't. Usually the bread basket. Hope life settles down alittle. Sending hugs from me to you!

  6. You are doing amazing with all that you have going on! I love your pictures:) I was hoping one of my girls would be a gymnast, but no gumby back for them. I used to be able to fold in 1/2...well...many, many, many moons ago. Did I just date myself mentioning gumby?
    I feel your pain on eating the bad food:( I have no desire to have sugar poisoning again! It teaches us a good lesson, right?:)

  7. You did great considering the circumstances. It looks like you are all having fun. :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey Kim, you haven't posted in awhile but since you are my one and only reader, I wanted you to know that I posted again on my blog. I think it's a good post, even included cute pics of my babies! Check it out when you get a chance my one faithful reader :0)

  9. Hi Kim, you're missed! Hope you come back!<3

  10. Hi Kim, I just want you to know that I am missing you and your blogging! I hope all is well and you will be back soon:)