Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Up a Little Bit... (Week 11 ~ Day 5)

Thank you for your well wishes for my brother-in-law.  He is doing much better. Friday, my daughter and I drove up to the V.A. Hopsital in Cheyenne, Wyoming, so we could be with him and my sister and take her to a hotel for the night so she could get some rest.  Saturday morning the doctor was still very concerned about the size and depth of his stomache ulcer.  They attempted to put a feeding line in twice but were unsuccessful.  However, since then, he has continued to improve every day. Actually, they are very surprised that he is healing so quickly. They finally were able to put him on a liquid diet and now he is on bland foods. We went yesterday to the Denver airport to pick his mother up who will be here for a few weeks.  So again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all for your prayers and well wishes ~ they truly have meant alot!!

Here's the scoop on what I've eaten lately:

Friday I started out the day with my morning shake and green tea. We then went to the lake with some friends. I had a hot dog and a piece of watermelon and, like always, water to drink.  Then for dinner we went out for Mexican food with my parents.  I had a dish that had shrimp, mushrooms, peppers,  and cheese all mixed together and served over rice.  I forgot to tell them to skip the rice, so I just ate around it.  I'm really not a huge rice eater anyways (just with sushi - which I love)!!  I also had 5 chips with quacamole before the meal came.

Saturday morning we were in Cheyenne so we went to a diner for breakfast. I had 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, and an english muffin.  Satuday for lunch, my parents came up to the hospital and took us to the Olive Garden since the hospital cafeteria was closed for the weekend.  I was getting pretty hungry and all that sounded good was the eggplant parmasean so that's what I ordered.  I had the salad with it. Probably should have had the chicken but it just didn't sound good to me.  Got home from the hopsital and I was still pretty full from eating lunch at 1:30pm so I skipped dinner and had 4 protien bites with Reddi Whip.

Sunday morning, I was up a pound.... Sunday I honestly can't remember what I ate for lunch or dinner??? We were on the move all day long.  Church, and then over to my sisters for a little bit.  Ran home before running errands.  Can't remember what I had for lunch since we all grabbed our own things to eat.  Then we were running errands from about 1:00pm to 4:30pm.  Got home, and started cleaning the basement.  Stopped after an hour and came up to eat something but again, can't remember what it was.  I just called and asked my husband if he remembers what it was but he couldn't remember either??

Monday morning I was up about a half pound (that's why I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what I ate the day before - I'll be sure to update you if I can remember).  Yesterday I had my morning shake and green tea for breakfast.  Then for lunch, I had some turkey and stuffing with gravy and a green salad with ceasar dressing (this meal was only 28 carbs and 3 sugars but more sodium than I should have had).

Last night for dinner we stopped  on our way to the airport at an Italian buffet called Cinzetti's.  My sister had picked it and I was just along for the ride.  Here is what I ate: 1 piece of rotissere chicken, a few pieces of sausage and peppers, 1 piece of eggplant parmesean, about 1/4 cup of tomato soup, 2 pieces of pickled beets, and 5 strawberries.  I was trying to only eat a bite or two of this or that, but it all added up. They honestly did not have any other meats/protiens to eat other than breaded fish.  Lots and lots of pasta, pizza, crepes, etc... I stayed clear of all of that and did not eat ANY dessert - not even one bite. 

So, even though I feel that I've eaten fairley well, I really haven't. I seriously was up almost another  pound this morning??  Actually, since last Friday I'm up a total of 2.6 pounds!!  I haven't binged on anything or eaten any excessive sugars.  Here is my take on the whole thing.... the last few days, I have eaten more processed food, more salt, and eaten out more than normal. I'm lacking sleep and we've been on the run so much that  I haven't been drinking as much water as I normally do.  And then on top of all of that, it's "that time of the month".  But seriously, 2.6 pounds!! See how quickly it can happen?!?!  I know our bodies tend to fluctuate but it's a little bit frustrating when you're still trying to lose and you have a gain.  For goodness sakes.... It makes me wonder if I had binged or totally eating whatever I wanted, how much I would have gained.  I do know that my body always does best on fresh food made at home!!  But, I have a dinner date with my husband tonight, tomorrow is the 4th, and then Friday we have an out-of-town gymnastics meet so it will take some planning on my part to make sure I eat foods that will nourish my body and give me energy to get through the rest of this week.

Going downstairs right now to roast some chicken and wash some lettuce.  Still trying to put our menu together for the 4th.  Probabably hamburgers and hot dogs, green salad, potato salad, and watermelon.  I can eat the hot dog or burger (bunless) and the salad and then have 1-2 bites of potato salad and watermelon.  My husband is making homemade ice-cream which is fine because I never really crave or care for ice cream.  I have some Clemmey's coffee ice cream in the freezer so that's what I plan on having.

Hope everyone has a fabulous, and safe, "4th" tomorrow - what are your plans??  Please do share  :)


  1. Hi Kim, it sounds like you ave been a busy girl. The good thing about the BFC is when we go up a little in our weight - give yourself a couple of days and you can correct that. That happens to me all the time. :-)

  2. Hi Kim, we are just back from our Canada Day weekend wedding up north. I'm up too and I was very diligent to stick with it (I cheated a little with a handful of french fries and a few other things I don't normally allow like a small glass of red wine). We were sitting in a car for over 12 hours (6 there and back) and not being too active while there. I also lost considerable sleep with my kids who barely slept - ugh). I'm hoping to rein it all back in by Friday but who knows?? I'm make a conscious effort to drink lots of water and I may intermittent fast a few meals (for example - ate breakfast at 10:30 this morning so could easily forgo lunch today). Happy 4th! Enjoy your festivities.

  3. You have been busy and away from home, and eating that much processed foods is sure to have an effect. I'm sure your weight will go right back down in no time. I'm glad to hear that your BIL is doing a little better.

  4. So glad your brother in law is starting to get better! Now that your back home you be back on track in no time. It's crazy how such little changes make so much difference in our weight! I'm having family over for the 4th so I've been cooking all day. Posted my menu on my blog. I might try making some of Dawn's fruity Sangria too.

  5. I know it's frustrating when your weight goes up, even though you feel like you're eating well. I posted about that a little while back. For me, all the 'little things' add up. I know Rosalie says to just eat a bite or two and move on, but that doesn't work for me. I have to account for everything. Because it does all add up. That being said, try not to stress about it, because that doesn't help either. Just try to make the best choices with each meal that you can, and you will get there! Happy Fourth!!

  6. Hi Kim. Glad to hear your brother in law is doing better. Don't worry about the weight. You'll get it off. Happy 4th! Sending hugs and love!

  7. Kim! Kim! Wherefore art though Kim?? I missed your Friday weigh in :)