Saturday, April 20, 2013

12-Week Photos/Measurements & What I'm Thinking of Doing Next

I just wrapped up Heather's 12-Week Bombshell Fitness Program. I'm soooo not ready for it to end!! 

I've loved learning how to Eat Clean and exercise from someone with that knowledge, getting feedback (and getting to know) Heather and the other gals and the accountability a group offers.

All of these things have helped me to change my lifestyle and, in return, lose 12 lbs. in 12 weeks while gaining some nice lean muscle. I like the online group format because I can get the information and be accountable but workout on my own time schedule each day.

Knowing that Heather's program was coming to an end, I started researching other programs that interested me.  (Fyi: Heather will be starting a new online program in late May or early June and if you're interested follow her on her Facebook page. I will also let you know here on my blog when I know the details. I will definently be participating in another one of her programs.... I just wanted to back another program up to this one so I could keep the momentum going).

Anyways, here are the three programs that I narrowed it down to along with their links:

*Kelsey Beyers Labrada Challenge (the video)
      Kelsey Beyers Labrada Challenge (the program details)
      Kelsey Beyers Facebook page

*Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer

*Body for Life

**If you've already read this post, the following paragraph has been edited.  I'm still undecided as to which program I will be doing next**

I've been following Kelsey on Facebook for about 2 1/2 months and I love her positive, encouraging attitude and the fact that she is passionate about helping others (so much like Heather)!  Her challenge is free (with the exception of having to purchase 2 full size Labrada items during the course of the challenge).  I'm also interested in Jamie Eason's program and it's seems very easy to follow and well laid out online.  Just enter your email address and each week you'll receive her free workout plan, meal plan, and a short video introducing the week's plan. As far as the Body for Life program, my husband and I bought the book and did this program about 12 years and had excellent results so we know it works.  I think there may now even be an online program for it.  I will make a decision in the next few days as to which program I choose. 

Here are a few photos from last Sunday.  I have a little PMS bloat so I was going to retake the photos but never did, oh well.  The biggest change I see is on my backside.  Here are my before and after pictures and measurements (all measurements are in inches):

Chest: Before: 40  Now: 36
Waist (around the narrowest part): Before: 34   Now: 30.5
Waist (around my belly button): Before: 36   Now: 33
Hips: Before: 38   Now: 36
Right Thigh: Before: 21.5   Now:  20.25
Left Thigh: Before: 21.5   Now: 20.25
Right Arm: Before: 11   Now: 10.5
Left Arm: Before: 11.5  Now: 10.75

Also, my starting weight was 156.0 and my final weigh-in last Sunday was 144.1 (a loss of 11.9 lbs.).


We've had a great weekend so far and we have a super fun day planned for tomorrow.  I can't wait to update you about it in my next post!  Have a great rest of your weekend :)



  1. I think you look amazing!!! I am so excited for you to be at a "peaceful" place. Sticking to a scheduled plan has really worked well for you and it makes me think it would be good for me too. It just seems so hard to have a schedule, when I have had such an "unscheduled" life for the last 3+ years. Sometimes I think that is not always a good thing. I am going to check out those sites. Right now I am eating anything and everything my little heart desires...clothes still fit so far! It should be interesting with another week of full on eating. I did eat some spinach last night:)
    Great job and you truly do look amazing!

  2. You look great now just keep doin what you've been doin. :-)

  3. Looking great! This has really been working for you - way to go!