Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I Ate Yesterday (Holy Cow)

I went totally overboard on the eating yesterday.  Don't even ask me what I was thinking, because obviously.......I wasn't!!  Okay, okay... maybe I can try to put it into words here.

5:00am: Woke up

5:30am: Drank my morning shake

6:30am: Upper body workout with weights

7:10am: Drank 1 scoop of protein powder in a glass of water (still doing well at this point)

10:30am: 2 banana pancakes (made with 1 mashed banana and 2 eggs)

10:45am: Ate a Larabar (was still hungry)

10:50am: Ate another Larabar (was still hungry and the first Larabar was so good, why not have another)

12:00pm: Was still hungry so I had lunch: Left over salad from Cafe Rio

12:05pm: While eating Cafe Rio salad I remembered that there were leftover chips and queso from Cafe Rio in the fridge.  Had not had any on Sunday so I decided I would partake of some (all) of their goodness today.  Ate them all.

1:00pm: Tired and full - took a nap

2:30pm:  Groggy from nap - still too full to eat a snack. Tummy hurt because it was so full.

5:00pm: Ate a slice of Hawaiian pizza from Papa Murphy's.  I figured I had already blown the day and would get back on track tomorrow so I wanted to enjoy something I had not had for a while - pizza. I mean, I could eat pizza for a splurge meal but I just haven't wanted to - until today.  Okay, give me a little credit - I only ate 1 piece and it wasn't even that good :(

5:30pm: Ate a piece of smore pizza from Papa Murphy's (what the heck - day blown already, right?)

10:00pm: Went to bed - feeling yucky

I woke up this morning and was up 2 lbs.  A gift from my out-of-control day yesterday.  I am a total binger and do best to keep things under control. When I do have a splurge meal, it's best for me if it's a planned one. I know it can't always be like that but I really do better that way. 

I totally knew what I was doing yesterday.....

.... testing the waters
.... seeing how my body would respond
.... thinking I would enjoy the freedom of eating whatever I wanted.....but I totally didn't. 

The pizza and dessert were not what I thought they would be.  They were just ok so I'm glad I don't eat those foods on a regular basis any longer. 

So what did I learn from all of this, if anything, you ask??

*"Those" foods and over-indulging in them does not make my body feel well - at all!

*I could see an obvious difference in the whites of my eyes and skin this morning (the "whites of my eyes" were kind of yellow and my skin was a little blotchy)

*That "stuft" feeling feels awful now (that feeling use to be my normal stopping point now it just feels plain gross and wrong)

*I personally, don't do well with processed foods and that's why Eating Clean works well for me.    Eating processed foods seem to make me crave more processed foods - bad cycle for me to be in.

*Also, for me personally, moderation, needs to be a splurge meal once or twice a week.  I mean, there are meals that I really enjoy and I would be miserable if I could not look forward to them every once in a while.  Out of 35 meals/snacks per week (if eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours), I think I can set aside 2 of them to eat a meal that I am craving and not feel bad about it.

*My spurges need to be planned whenever possible

*The keys is to get back on track as soon as possible.  Don't let one bad day turn into another.

*I need to make sure to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours so I don't over-eat at the next meal

*Okay.... now not to switch gears or sound like a hypocrite, but I am the type of person that does better eating a certain way (as in the Clean Eating and the BFC), however I also know that if you tell me I absoutely can't have it, I want it even more.  Sometimes a day like this every now and then (in my case 1 day in 12 weeks - that would be like 4 days a year) let me know that the foods are still there and I can eat them if I really want them.  I have the freedom to chose.  I hate to go through this to be ready to get back on track today but it's what I had to do.  I also know that I can't do this and then complain that a particular program (Clean Eating, BFC, etc...) didn't work because I chose to get off track.

Well, that about sums it up.  I am happy to report that today is going to be a great day. I feel happy and strong and ready to continue on "Clean Eating" while watching my sugars and carbs (other than a piece or two of fruit some days) as in the BFC guidelines.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you some updated photos as well as some thoughts on what I might do now that the 12-week program is over.

I'll leave you with some photos that I took this morning.  We got another 6 inches overnight and are expecting more snow tomorrow.  Brrrr!!!! 

My daughter's horse, Ginger, waiting for her breakfast

Tulips inside; Snow outside


  1. Holy SNOW!! Yikes. Looks cold.
    I know it sounds like you did bad - but really compare it to what we used to eat before we got healthy??
    For me - I MUST eat a good breakfast (not a shake) so I won't over eat later on. That's just how my body does best.
    Don't feel bad - its over now and today you WILL do better.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. I totally get this. I have been dealing with myself and this issue the last few days. It seems that around every 12 weeks or so I have to fall off the wagon so to speak, to remind myself 1) how bad it feels 2) how wrong it is for my body 3) how not worth it this is. I console myself with the fact that it takes less time each time to get back in the saddle. Hopefully that is the same for you. :)

  3. That is a LOT of snow! Looks like you did have a bad day, eating wise, BUT I must say I'm impressed that you remembered everything you ate! Usually when someone has a binge day they eat without thinking or jotting it down. At least now you know that that old way of eating makes you feel sick! Looking forward to hearing your plans now that the 12 week program is over.

  4. SOOOO much snow. Warm (70) and sunny here in PA today. So glad to be done with the snow. I can relate to your day and your thoughts. That's so totally something I would do. I like the saying if you broke one dish in your cabinet, would you then break all the dishes in the cabinet? Meaning of course, one bad choice doesn't mean the whole day is blown, but I know that feeling and the urge to just eat everything when I've "blown" it. You can't undo all that good work in one day, so now that it's out of your system, back on the plan! Stay warm! XO!