Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Few More Challenges You Might Be Interested In

Did you know that I grew up in Southern California and was spoiled with 75 degree weather almost every day of the year???  Then twenty-five years ago I transferred from Long Beach State to Colorado State and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado.  I love the change of seasons, the mountains, the fresh air, etc... but this weather has been so crazy lately!  Sunday we cleaned out our garage and I got a sunburn with the little bit of time that I was actually in the sun..... it was 80 degrees. But then yesterday the temps dropped 50 degrees, we got 5 inches of snow and school was cancelled.  Crazy, hu??  What's the weather doing where you live?  Has it been a little strange this year?  Oh, and we're still waiting to hear if the track meet is cancelled today... uhm... I think I'll make other plans. :)

Wednesday Morning

Thursday Morning

Are any of you looking for a challenge right now?  If so, I wanted to bring to your attention a few that are starting soon.  I have not participated in any of these so I am listing them for your information and if you are interested you can check them out to see if they are right for you. So far, I have never entered a challenge to win, I know that may sound strange, but it's true. I like challenges because they push me when I want to stop. They have an end date and I know that I can do anything that has an end in sight.  I LOVE learning and so I sign up for challenges that I can learn from.....hoping that the good stuff I learn will become a lifelong habit.  I'm really interested in information relating to clean eating recipes & menus and fitness. I listed a few challenges that I was considering doing in a recent post but wanted to list a few more here that I have recently come across.

1. Skinny Mom 14-Day Challenge: Star Studded Slim Down
& here is the Skinny Mom Facebook link:!/skinnymom

*This challenge is FREE, begins May 6th, and is only 14 days long!  Once you sign up they will email you the preview and the meal plan for week 1.  The list of fitness and nutrition consultants is amazing for this program - seriously - go take a look (ie Rita Catolino, Cassey Ho from Blogilates, and many, many more) !!  I'm sure Clean Eating and nutrition is the basis of this program so it will fit right in with what I've already been doing. I signed up for this one, honestly not to win, but to get as much information as I can from these incredible women! 

2. Challenge Loop
This site is full of different challenges.  If you're needing that extra "push" to get going, or just like challenges in general, there's something here for everyone! 

I wanted to list these because sometimes we just need a little information, and a gentle push, to get going.  If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask away. :)


  1. I grew up in Michigan and those pictures of the snow looks really beautiful, but I do live in southern California now and today its gonna be over 90. Sorry :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures Kim. I have a friend that grew up where I currently live (Illinois) and she has lived in/near Denver for several years now. I've been following her posts/pictures on Facebook of the up and down weather there! I'm not sure I could get used to flip flops one day and snow boots the next. We have had odd weather this past few months. A lot of rain and flooding in the last couple of weeks. Very nice yesterday and today (in the mid 80's which is kind of warm for us right now) and then cooling off/rain starting tonight thru Sunday. All of those April showers have produced beautiful flowers around the campus where I work. Usually we get some aftermath of weather from whatever Colorado has had a couple of days before. But don't send the snow!!

  3. thanks for the challenge suggestions! I think that I need to make exercise my summer priority, so I'll take a look. I have been doing great dietwise, but I can tell that I need to work on the exercise aspect - I was much tighter two summers ago at just a few pounds lighter than this, because I was going to the gym a few times a week. I need to make myself a schedule and stick to it at home.

  4. When I am feeling better, I may check those out! I am totally thankful that you share:)
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    I am so happy for you and where you are in your life change! Pretty darned exciting girlfriend!!!