Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When & How I Fell Off the BFC Wagon

So, like I mentioned I would in my last post, let me fill you in on what happened the first time I tried the Belly Fat Cure program. 

Last December, our family took a two-week cruise to Hawaii.  Five months prior to that, when we booked the cruise, I had a weight loss goal in mind.  I was 150 lbs and wanted to lose 15-20 lbs before the trip. That seemed totally doable to me. 

A few weeks before the trip, I realized I wasn't making the progress I had hoped for.  About this same time, I happened to be in the bookstore and ran across Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure book.  The front of the book said that it was possible to lose 4 to 9 lbs. every week and that intrigued me.  So.... I skimmed the book wondering what I would be able to eat.  I was expecting to see lots of foods with artificial sweeteners, a severely restrictive menu, and an exercise plan that would be intense.  I was very happily surprised. The menus looked amazing (the pictures helped alot!) and I was pretty sure that I could stick to this program.  So, I went home with book in hand, read it from cover to cover that night, and got started the very next day.

In my 3 weeks on the plan, I had great success!!! I  l lost 8 lbs, went down 1 pant size, and really didn't crave any sweets (Seriously....I'm not even sure when it happened - I just realized one day that I could take or leave the sweets).  I felt wonderful!

Then came the cruise... I started off selecting fish and salads.... but then.... desserts and breads found their way back in.  Any I'm not talking about 1 dessert - I'm talking about 3 ice cream sundaes in one day - YIKES!  And yes, on that two week cruise, I did gain almost all of the weight back that I had lost.

Knowing how good I felt when I was keeping my sugar/carbs values to within Jorge's recommended 15/6, I decided that I would start the plan again once we got home. 
But.... first we had to get through the holidays, so I would just start after them.  And then our son's birthday came.... so I would start after that.  And then, another birthday. Basically just one excuse after another.  I KNEW 100% that the Belly Fat Cure program would work for me, and with pretty immediate results, so I kept pushing off re-starting. 

Well, here we are.... almost one year from the date when I originally began.  I realized after Halloween that I was needing to get my sugar addiction under control so I re-read the Belly Fat Cure book and I'm ready to go!  

In case you are interested, here are my starting numbers:
My Starting Weight: 159.2
My Waist: 37 inches

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  1. Kim,
    I love you and am so proud of you in your journey..
    Love Cheryl Madison