Friday, December 9, 2011

Company Christmas Party

Tonight is my husband's work Christmas party. My husband has been with the same company for 18 years (very blessed) so we have seen a variety of company Christmas party dinners over the years.  The last few years the meal was heavy (meal-like) appetizers, desserts, and drinks. 

Very delicious.... BUT.... with this type of spread I tend to return to the table until I am stuffed not even aware of how much I have eaten.... but not this year, oh no....  This year they got word that I was on the BFC Diet and chose a sit-down meal with BFC friendly choices... Just kidding (atleast about them knowing I was on the BFC Diet). 

Anyways, when it was time to pre-select our meal, I was so proud of myself for choosing the salmon.  This will make it super easy to watch my portions AND eat BFC friendly AND get my Omega 3's all at the same time!

An update on the party and pictures to come next week as well as Week 2's Weigh In!  So come back and I'll see you then!

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  1. Kim,

    I am so glad you started this blog..I am 164.4 lbs now. When Mom and Dad came out I was 166.6 lbs.So I have lost about 2 lbs.You are an inspiration to me.Thanks Love,Cheryl