Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weigh-In (Week 2); PLUS a Christmas Party and Christmas Baking

Week 2 Weigh In:

Starting Weight: 159.2 - Weight today: 155.4
Pounds lost this week = 1.6 (3.8 pounds total)!!

I'll take that ~ No complaining here!  Had another busy week and a few set-backs but isn't that life?  I've learned some lessons and am getting geared up and excited to use some new strategies in Week 3.

Let's start with my hubbie's work Christmas Party.  The party was great and I got to see lots of old friends.  As far as the food, I pre-ordered the salmon and it was excellent!. It was served with carrots and risotto and I really did pretty good only having a few bites. I did stay clear of the bread and dessert even though both were pre-placed at the table and staring me in the face all night. I could have had the dessert taken away, but quite honestly, I was not craving it so it was pretty simple to avoid it.  Also, I kept getting my water glass re-filled and that helped alot.

The next day my parents treated us out to dinner at a hibachi-style restaurant (where they cook at your table).  I ordered the chicken and shrimp.  The problem was that the chicken and shrimp were last to arrive on my plate.  And because I was very hungry, I just ate the food as it came.  First out the soup and salad.  Then the fried rice, and veggies.  And then, finally, the chicken and shrimp. Normally, I love this type of meal but I probably ate a little too much! I left feeling very full.  I want to mention that I had taken my daughter to a play prior to dinner so she could see her friend perform.  We met the rest of our family at the restuarant.  So... by the time we got to dinner, I was going on 5 hours without food.  Lesson Learned: Keep small snacks with me, in the car and in my purse, for when I am out for extended periods of time. I hear this all the time from others, so not sure why I haven't done it yet.

Spent a day getting our Christmas baking done with the kids.  Four types of cookies and a batch of English Toffee.  Did very, very well not indulging myself in dough and frosting but did have some of the finished products.  I did not plan to, but, well..... it was getting to be dinner time, we had been baking for 4 hours, and I did not have dinner started.... but..... I did have a million cookies cooling and being frosted.  Again, I went waaay to long between meals. 
Looking back, I wish that I had grabbed a quick healthy snack somewhere during those 4 hours and drank a few more glasses of water.  I'm sure that eating a few Christmas cookies will not kill me but I really want to keep my momentum going and it just feels good to be able to say "No"!!! (Actually I wasn't even going to bake Christmas cookies this year, but my kids would not hear of such a thing)! Lesson Learned: Do not bake on an empty stomache and if I will be baking for half the day, make sure to grab a heathly snack before getting too hungry.

So with that - I am happy for the 1.6 pounds that  I lost.  I ate lots of wonderful meals and snacks and once I figure out how to do it, I will begin posting pictures.  Just need the time to sit down and figure it out.  I'm sure it's pretty simple - so look for photos to beging showing up in the next few posts.

Last week I said that my goals were to:
  • Drink more water - which I did (I drank atleast 6 "12 oz" glasses a day)
  • Eat more veggies - which I did but I hope to add even more next week
  • Track my S/C Values - still not so good writing them down after lunch.  Will make sure to make this a numero uno goal this week!

This week my goals are to make sure to add more veggies, not go too long without eating (especially when baking), to keep snacks in my purse and car, and to make sure to track my S/C Values all.....day....long.

How did you do this week?  Any set-backs?  What are your strategies for next week?

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  1. Kim,
    I Love reading you'r blog it is getting me to look at what I am eating. Yes I am human and do not make the best choices. I am really trying to stay on track. Love, Cheryl