Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 1 ~ Day 5

This morning when I weighed-in I was down .2 lbs to 155.2.  I'll take it.  Had some good meals planned this week but went a little off course last night for dinner.  One of our sons had a friend over to play and we invited him to stay for dinner along with a neighbor boy.  With the weather being so beautiful, we started the BBQ and grilled hot dogs since that's something we knew they'd enjoy.  I happened to have several packages of Oscar Meyer Angus Nitrate Free hot dogs on hand because I stocked up when they were less than half price (personally, I'm trying my best to only buy "nitrate-free" lunch meats and hot dogs).  I think I'm retaining a little salt from yesterday's meals so I expect to see more of a loss tomorrow.

Here's what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: My Morning Shake
Lunch: Macadamia nuts, 1 slice roast beef, 1 slice roasted turkey
Snack: Cottage cheese with diced dill pickle
Dinner: 2 hot dogs (only 1 with a bun, mayo, saurkraut, cheddar cheese), 1 serving of Doritos

I know dinner was not the healthiest meal but I did keep the carbs under 40 grams so I was within range.  The boys asked if we could have Doritos.  I actually counted out 1 serving, put them on my plate and did not eat any more. Should have added a side salad but I was honestly soooo tired that I didn't want to put it together.  I actually wanted two hot dogs on buns since the first one was sooo good but I ended up only eating one on a bun and the second by itself. 

I tried something new yesterday that I really liked.  I like to add pineapple to cottage cheese but have not done this since starting the BFC due to the pineapple's sugar content.  Well last week on Dr. Oz, he added a diced pickle to cottage cheese.  I tried it and LOVED IT- crunchy, salty - high protien - YUM!

Also, I have to pat myself on the back.  My mother-in-law asked if I could make a few batches of cinnamon rolls to sell at a fund-rasier that she is involved with.  So yesterday I made 36 cinnamon rolls without so much as licking my fingers - no kidding - I'm not saying it was easy but I did it.  I really did want one since we had a few extras but I knew that I would probably get a headache and I wouldn't get any closer to my goal weight.. and... if I had one bite, I would probably want the rest since they are sooo good.  So, I passed and I am so happy about that today.

Not the most attractive photo but here's my cottage cheese with dill pickle from yesterday:

Cottage cheese with diced dill pickle
Here are a few fun photos from yesterday: The first one is of the birthday girl and the second one is of Brooke and Grant enjoying a snack and the sunshine.  I walked out to see what they were doing and that is exactly how they were sitting.  Too cute.

The Birthday Girl
Brooke and Grant enjoying a snack and the sunshine
Enjoy your day ~ See ya tomorrow!


  1. Cottage cheese and pickles are a favorite snack of mine too! Got you added to my blog roll!

  2. Good job on stepping away from the rolls...doesn't it feel GOOD:) Each time you do that, you give yourself more power for the future. When you finally do have a bite, you will wonder if it was worth it.
    Your shake sounds interesting, I still haven't purchased any protein powder.
    I LOVE hot dogs and I eat them rolled up in my sandwich thin. 1 for each side=2 yummy hot dogs.
    Love the pics!