Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 7 ~ Day 4

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My husband and I had a wonderful time in Denver celebrating our anniversary.  Thank you for all the nice comments that you left. We left Friday afternoon and got to Denver around 1:30pm.  Checked into our hotel, ate lunch at a French restaurant, went bowling, and then saw Men in Black.  Our movie was over at 7:00p so we walked around downtown Denver for about an hour just looking around and trying to decide what sounded good for dinner.  So many great restaurants to choose from. We finally decided on sushi at a Japanese restaurant that had 2 open seats at the sushi bar.  Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory and had cheesecake (mine was sugar-free) for dessert so we could sit on the patio and enjoy the nice weather.  It was a great time!!  We took our camera with us and took a few photos at lunch but then dropped it off at the room before we went bowling.  We never went back by the hotel to pick it up so the only other shots I have are from my husbands phone.  I will download them when he gets home from work and post them tomorrow.

One thing that I definitely noticed (since I was away from my computer for a few days) was that I do not do as well sticking to the plan if I am not able to log my food into My Fitness Pal.  Funny how that one simple act really keeps me on track - but seriously it does!

I don't have any food photos but here is what I ate this weekend:

Breakfast: My morning shake; green tea
Lunch: 1/2 Ham sandwich, 1 oyster rockafeller, green salad with walnuts and cheese
Dinner: Sushi (1/2 order of a California roll; 1/2 order of a shrimp roll)  - haven't put my food in My Fitness Pal yet but I'm sure the rice was over the limit
Snack: Sugar-free cheesecake

Breakfast: 1 Egg benedict, 1 1/2 pancakes (no syrup). 
Lunch: Hummus, pita bread, jicima
Dinner: Chicken tenderloin topped with bacon and melted cheese; green salad with ranch; green beans
Went to Cracker Barrel with my family and this was one of the low-carb options that they offer

Breakfast: My morning shake; decaf. coffee
Lunch: Hamburger; a small order of french fries
Snack: Carmel Corn
The worse decision I made all weekend because for me caramel corn is much too easy to binge on ----- which isn't good when you're a binger and getting hungry!!  We made it for a function  and it was cooling on the counter immediately on the other side of the computer I was working on. Should have gotten up and moved my computer across the room but I didn't.  It honesetly goes to show that there are some foods that I will binge on if I have access to - homemade carmamel corn is one of them!  It comes all big and clumpy  and I can't just eat one piece. 
Dinner: Seriously never ate dinner because I felt too ill from the caramel corn - BIG lesson learned!

Excited for this week and eating the BFC way.... I feel strong!  Looking forward to my shake this morning and logging everything into My Fitness Pal.  Hoping I don't get headaches today as my body adjust and gets over yesterday's sugar binge.  I'll give you an update tomorrow. 

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. HI Kim! Sounds like you are having a great time. XO!

  2. The sugar lesson! At least you learned it once you were home so you could enjoy your wonderful trip. It sounds awesome!
    I used to be in a bowling league, I miss it. I'm not sure that my husband should do it with his back issues, but it sounds like a fun thing to do right now!
    I'm happy for you!!!

  3. I feel strong too ;) This is the most committed I've ever felt to an eating plan. Like my blog says, I feel "empowered" when I make my choices now. Now that I know it's not just about calories, it seems so much simpler for me to make smart choices/or “cheat” wisely (if that’s possible). Have a great week!