Monday, April 8, 2013

What I've Been Eating (Week 11)

Hello Friends :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Hasn't the weather this spring been strange?  The last few days we've had 65-70 degree weather and tomorrow we're suppose to get 8-12 inches of snow.  I'm assuming that means my son's track meet will be canceled.  Sounds like soup for dinner might be in order, hu?

I wanted to share something exciting with you.  My 15-year-old daughter and I went shopping yesterday.  Have I told you that we're going on a cruise to Bermuda this summer?  I'm super excited about this trip and I thought I'd look for a few sundresses.  Back in January, I was wearing mostly XL's and L's and you wouldn't have caught me dead in anything sleeveless. Anyways,  I went into the dressing room with mediums and smalls and guess what?  The mediums were too big!!!  That's right... the mediums were too big!!  I mean they weren't falling off of me big, but the smalls looked much, much better.  One of the dresses that I LOVED (the white one below) was just a tad snug in the chest area but I'm hopeful I'll get that under control so I went ahead and bought it in a small anyways. My daughter said I just need a better bra - HA!  That may be true.

Here's are pictures of the dresses that I bought:

This fit better in a small but the small was in a different color
so I got this one in a medium because I liked the color better.

Actually this came in teal also and I thought I had bought that one too, but
when I got home I didn't have it so I think I'll go back today and get it.

Now for what I ate this past week. Remember, that even though I am exercising:

"Great Abs are Made in the Kitchen"
"You Can't Out Exercise a Bad Diet"!! 

Not sure who first said these terms but they're all over the fitness industry. 

Remember that I try to eat a lean protein and a complex carb at each meal and snack.  Let me know if you have any questions about my meal plan. :)

Week 11 (April 1 - April 7, 2013) - Lost 1 lb.

Monday 4/1/13
B: (8:00am) My Morning Shake (same as always Very Happy ); green tea

S: Didn't have one since I drank my morning shake at 8:00am

(10:00am) Worked Out (weights)

L: (11:15am) Post-Workout: 3/4c greek yogurt mixed with 1 1/2 scoops chocolate whey protein powder and 1 Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar crumbed on top

S: (2:30pm) 1 small apple with 1 1/2T natural peanut butter

D: (5:30pm) Taco Salad: Lettuce, topped with lean ground beef mixed with lean ground turkey, cheese, tomato, green pepper, onion, 1T refried beans and 1tsp ranch dressing (Made tacos for the family and I made a taco salad for my husband and I):

Tuesday 4/2/13
B: (7:00am) My Morning Shake; green tea

(9:15am) Worked Out (weights)

S: (10:15am) Post-Workout: 3/4c greek yogurt mixed with 1 1/2 scoops chocolate whey protein powder and 1 Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar crumbed on top

L: (12:30pm) Roasted chicken; cucumber slices; 1 piece Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

S: (3:15pm) 1 small apple with 1T natural peanut butter

D: (6:30pm) Scrambled eggs (2 eggs + 1 egg white) mixed with sauteed mushrooms and green onions

Wednesday 4/3/13
B: (6:45am) My Morning Shake; green tea

(8:45am) Worked Out (cardio)

S: (10:00am) Post-Workout: 3/4c greek yogurt mixed with 1 1/2 scoops chocolate whey protein powder and 1 Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar crumbed on top

L: (12:45pm) Roasted Chicken; 1 piece Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with 1tsp natural peanut butter

S: No snack since I ate dinner eary during my son's track meet

D: (4:00pm) Chargrilled Chicken and Fruit Salad from Chick-Fil-A (no dressing or croutons)

S: (7:15pm) 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder in a glass of water; 1 tsp of dark chocolate chips mixed with 1T natural peanut butter (was craving something sweet)

Thursday 4/4/13
B: (6:15am) My Morning Shake; green tea

(8:45am) Worked Out (weights)

S: (9:30am) Post-Workout: 3/4c greek yogurt mixed with 1 1/2 scoops chocolate whey protein powder and 1 Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar crumbed on top

L: (12:30pm) Scrambled eggs (1 egg + 3 egg whites) with 1c chopped mushrooms, 1/2 diced green bell pepper, and red pepper flakes; 1 piece Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

Snack #1: (2:45pm) 12 almonds, handful of baby carrots

Snack #2 (4:00pm) 1 Larabar (I was still hungry and had just finished grocery shopping so I ate this in the car on the way home - I knew we weren't eating dinner until after my son got home from karate and didn't want to be starving)

D: (6:30pm) Turkey burger (no bun) topped with 1tsp pesto, lettuce, tomato and parmesean cheese shavings; 1 piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

Friday 4/5/13
B: (6:45am) My Mornng Shake; green tea

S: No snack - had company at my house and didn't plan well (and didn't get my workout in either Crying or Very sad )

L: (12:00pm) Lean roast beef, carrots & a piece of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast

S: (3:00pm) 1 apple; 12 almonds

D: (5:30pm) Large Lobster Salad from Quizinos (not totally "clean" - there was light mayo mixed with the lobster but it wasn't a lot and I LOVE lobster)

Saturday 4/6/13
B: (6:45am) My Morning Shake; green tea

S: (9:00am) 12 almonds, handful of baby carrots

L: (11:00am) Quinoa mixed with asparagus, zucchini, tomato and about 1/4 of a small diced avocado

S: (2:00pm) 1 brown rice cake topped with 2 tsp natural peanut butter and 8 raisins

D: (5:00pm) Leftover Quinoa (see above)

Sunday 4/7/13
B: (6:45am) My Morning Shake; green tea

S: (9:00am) Our family went to a breakfast buffet before church with my in-laws. I ate small poritons of the following: scrambled eggs, ham, onions, bell peppers, 1 small cheese enchilada (wrapped in a corn tortilla - not flour), pineapple chunks

L: (12:10pm) Hummus with cucumber slices

S: (3:00pm) Handful of baby carrots; 12 almonds

D: (6:00pm) Shrimp Ceasar Salad: Romaine lettuce, grilled shrimp, black beans, sprinkle of cheese, tomato, a few avocado slices and about 2tsp of ceasar dressing (ate out at a Mexican Restaurant)

Have a great day and make great food choices!!!


  1. This spring is crazy. I'm desperate for nice sunny days here (I'm looking out the window as I type this and it's grey ... again). I purchased a blue light to do every morning since the sun has been hard to find :) That's the best feeling ever isn't it?? Happy for you. We went to Bermuda on our honeymoon and we loved it there. The pink beaches are really beautiful. I brought back a glass bell filled with pink sand that we hand on our Christmas tree every year ... it's a nice memory.

    1. Hi Trina,

      Any places in Bermuda you'd specifically recommend going? I know the island is pretty small but any tips would be great. Our cruise ship will actually be docked there for 3 nights so we can come and go as we please. :)

  2. I love all your dresses. What a great feeling that is to shop for smaller sizes than what we were used to before. All your hard work has paid off. I
    m very proud of you. :-)

  3. Your dresses are really cute! Where did they come from? I am so excited for you to see what your hard work has done for you, your body, and your self esteem! I changed bra size big time, so go get fitted! I did read that you shouldn't go to VS because they fit you to the bra, not the bra to you. I wear a 32DDD, I used to buy 36C. My boobs are a lost cause though;)
    Happy, Happy, Happy for you!!!
    On the track meet being cancelled? When my kids were young if I was hoping something would be cancelled, it never was!

    1. Hi Kay :)

      All three dresses were from Kohl's. I had Kohl's cash and a 20% off coupon so they were all a good price.

      Other than VS, any where you recommend getting a bra fitted? I've been to Kohl's, etc.. and they don't really have anyone who does that for you. I remember when my mom use to take me to the department store and they would have a lady who specifically measured you and brought you bras to try, etc... After nursing 5 babies, I'm in desperate need of help - HA!

    2. I get mine from Dillard's but of course the nearest one to us is 3 1/2 hours away! I know that Macy's and Nordstrom have trained specialists. That's the key, someone who actually knows what they are doing. It makes such a huge difference! Good luck! I need to go to Kohls, You and Rosalie shop there.

  4. Those are the cutest dresses Kim! Dress number two is my favorite! I was looking for sundresses too for our little cruise we are taking in June. It's hard to find a casual sundress for "older" women. I found a couple over at Penney's.
    I bought some hand weights yesterday and I'm going to cook up some kind of daily routine to see if that helps my metabolism. I love how much progress you've made!

    1. Hi Beth :)

      I usually find cute dresses at Penney's also - I need to check there this weekend. It was so funny because my daugther, who is 15, will be able to share some of my clothes for the first time ever! She is only about 115-120lbs but if I buy small tops and dresses she can wear them.

      We are really looking forward to this cruise. It's actually to celebrate my in-laws 50th Anniversary but we'll also be celebrating my 45th birthday, my husbands 44th, and our 17th Anniversary so lots to celebrate!

      When I'm finished with Heather's program (in 3 weeks), I'm considering jumping into the Body for Life program. I did it 12 years ago and only completed 6 out of the 12 weeks (becaue I got pregnant) and it worked awesome! I LOVED the workouts, so I'm going to follow the workout schedule, which can all be done at home with a bench and hand weights, but the food I will most likely continue "Eating Clean". The Body for Life meal plan is very similar with 5-6 meals a day (eating every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism revving) so I can continue to Eat Clean while doing the Body for Life exercise program.. They want you to buy, and drink, their shakes. I will continue to just mix my healthy, clean protein powder in water and drink that to save some money and keep it clean. I also like how, with eating clean, it is so easy to combine a protein, a complex carb, and veggie at every meal. It's honestly become a way of life for me know (with an occasional indulgence on Sundays but not an entire day). I like the options to chose from. You can always skim the book, or website, and see if it interests you.

      Have a great day Beth! :)

    2. Had to jump in on this comment. Years ago, I followed the body for life program. I really liked it, and I liked those myoplex shakes alot, although I only used the ready to drink ones, and only when pressed for time.My husband and sons still drink them. I think they may have artificial sweeteners in them though. I had told Beth recently that Heather is starting another online group ( at least that's what her web site states) on April 15th. I've emailed her twice but no response. I like the idea of some group support, although not sure with my knee I can do much of the workout. It's funny because I was looking at your meals and also at the meals on the 17 day diet that Sherri is following ( yes I bought that book awhile ago too!!) and it really struck me last night that they are both very similar and although you are eating enough food, it's all simple, clean foods and hardly anything processed. I think I have figured out how to eat too much on the BFC and still stay within those sugar/carb guidelines. When I track on myfitnesspal my calories are high. I really need to dial my food consumption down alot and just get simple and easy for awhile. No almond flour desserts or breads, cut back on the nuts and cheeses. Also Bermuda is a wonderful Island. Haven't been there in several years, but it's a lovely place to visit. You will have a great time. Be careful of those mopeds though and remember they drive on the opposite side of the road!! I almost had a accident on one!Love the dresses by the way. Graet job on getting into the smaller size! XO

    3. Hi Pattie :) I use to love those Myoplex shakes as well, and in fact, I purchased the powder and the ready-to-drink shakes a month or so ago and then got them home and read the ingredients (should have done that at the store) and didn't like some of the ingredients. I had just read on another website a few weeks ago (but can't recall where) that if you use your own healthy protein powder and pair it with a complex carb. it is a substitute for the myoplex shakes and that's basically what I'm already doing with Eating Clean.

      As far as Heather's program, can you and Beth private message me when you get a chance? I'll go into FB and send you my email.

      So the main difference with Eating Clean is that you eliminate processed foods (I do still enjoy a Kashi granola bar with my yogurt but that's about it). I loved the BFC but I focused on the sugars and carbs, but ate too many processed foods, nuts and cheese as well. And, I definently have seen a result of eating more lean protein at every meal and snack. I wasn't using portion control very wisely. Not BFC's fault, just mine. I can usually find a way to work the system. That's why Eating Clean has worked for me. I know that if I want an indulgent meal, I enjoy it on Sunday after my weigh-in but I get right back on track at the next meal. I really do enjoy eating like this now. When I lay off the processed foods, my cravings for them also diminsh. When I have them (even if the carbs and sugars are low), I know the next day I will have to fight the desire to have them again. Better for me not to even have them at all (or very rarely - which I can live with now that I see the results I'm getting).

      Thanks for the info on Bermuda. Any good towns for shopping?

      Have a great day Pattie ~ XOXO to you also :)

  5. Way to go Kim! Dresses are beautiful.

    You probably posted this and I missed it...but is the green tea a tea bag that you make into hot or cold tea?

    1. Hi Dana,

      I buy the organic green tea bags from Sam's Club and drink it hot. I have one of those hot water makers on my sink so I brew a cup of green tea at the same time I make my morning shake. When I'm done drinking my shake, I drink my tea (which has cooled down a bit by then). I don't necessarily care if it's organic but the price is cheaper than the non-organic at my grocery store. Hope that helps. :)

    2. Thanks Kim. I like hot and cold tea so will have to see if the local Sam's Club has it.

  6. Hey Kim-I am desperate to lose weight - hysterectomy and hormones have hit me hard And I gained 30 lbs on top of the 20-30 I had to lose already!! This makes such food sense to me!! Any pointers on how to start?? Found u via purple rosy when I was surfing diet info - bfc looks like it works but not sure if it makes sense in the real world - I have been eating organic for about a year now but sugar in all it's horrible forms is what is killing me I think - any words of wisdom would be appreciated - for off the couch and waLked every day this week and last - its a start!!